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Interested in Streaming in HD?

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High-definition video gives your stream a high quality, professional look and allows you to look your best. It is very popular with members, and can help improve your placement on the site.

Existing Encoder Users

If you already use the Encoder, go to the Preferred Settings section to download the newest settings file. The settings files were last updated in … Read more..

Tips for Using the HD Encoder

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It’s a good idea to go through these tips after setting up the encoder, even if your video looks fine. If your video looks slow, choppy, or stretched out, these tips can help fix those issues. Contact the performer support team if these suggestions don’t help.

Check Your System Processes

Make sure to check your CPU usage after your begin … Read more..

Block Sessions

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Block sessions are a type of show you can choose to offer. This allows members to buy larger chunks of time at a discounted rate.

Offering Block Sessions

To turn Block Sessions on or off, find “My Show Prices” in the Profile Section of your Dashboard. Click “Edit” next to Block Sessions. You can choose which time blocks options … Read more..


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If a member has a webcam, they can request to show you their video during a paid show. A pop up will appear on your screen where you can either accept or reject the request.

If you don’t reject the request, the member’s video stream will appear as a smaller image in the corner of your video stream. You can … Read more..

Chat Room Management

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Managing your chat room can be easy if you use the tools available. You should also make sure you’re familiar with the Chat Window Layout.

Three Chat Panels

There are three different chat boxes where members appear based on their status.

  • Paid Chat – If a member takes you into a paid session or is in your Gold Show,
Read more..

Confidential Phone Service (CPS)

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We offer a Confidential Phone Service that allows members to call you during paid sessions while keeping your phone number private. To set this up, go to the “My Phone Numbers” area of the Profile Section on your dashboard and add the phone numbers(s) you want to use.

Accepting Calls

To make sure you only get calls when you want … Read more..

Favorites (Hearts)

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Members can mark you as one of their Favorite performers from your profile page. The more hearts you see in the Profile Section of your Dashboard, the more members have marked you as a favorite!

Members always see their online favorites at the top of the page while browsing for performers. Favorites also show up first on their searches. … Read more..


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You can add galleries of photos to your profile, which members can browse even if you’re offline.

To get to the Galleries tool to manage your photos, find the My Dashboard menu and click on “My Galleries.” Follow the instructions there to add photos and create galleries. Members will be able to see your photos by visiting your profile on … Read more..


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Gold is another way performers can earn more from members. Members can send you Gold during free chat or during paid shows. You’ll see an announcement in chat when you receive Gold.

Price of Gold

Gold is worth different amounts depending on where the member is from. For example, 1 Gold from a US member is worth $1, but 1 … Read more..

Gold Shows

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Gold Shows are a great way to put on a show for a big group. Many members pitch in to try to reach the goal so the show can start. Each member must contribute a minimum amount of Gold to see the show.

Qualifying for Gold Shows

In order to offer Gold Shows, your account must meet the requirements (… Read more..