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Live Capture Profile Images

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When you first begin streaming for the day, the link to your show will have your profile picture on it.

While you are in unpaid chat, our system will periodically take photos to use instead of your profile picture. This helps members see what your stream currently looks like, and hopefully get them interested in checking out your show! Once … Read more..


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It’s easy to communicate with your favorite members right from your account.

Mailbox Location

You can get to your mailbox by going to the My Dashboard menu and clicking on “My Mailbox,” or clicking on the Messages link at the top of your Dashboard.

Messaging Members

To protect members’ privacy, you can only send a member a message after they … Read more..

Paid Shows

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Paid shows are the main way you’ll earn on LiveBonita Network. Make sure you’re familiar with the different types of shows and the different options for each.

Three Types of Paid Shows

There are three ways that members can enter a paid session with you.

  1. Pay-per-Minute Shows – This is the most common type of show on LiveBonita. Members will
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Placement on LiveBonita depends on several factors. You can see how you are doing on many of these factors by using the “My Ranking” report under the My Reports menu. The report explains most of these elements and offers helpful tips for improving your score.

Below is a quick overview of some of the most important site placement factors.


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Price per Minute

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price per minute

On new accounts, you can charge between $.99 and $5.99 per minute for your shows. Your Exclusive price will usually be a little higher than your Premium price. Read more about the difference between Premium and Exclusive in the Paid Shows section.

New performers may want to keep charges low while they increase their customer base. Group performers and … Read more..

Announcing Geographic Restriction for models!

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Announcing Geographic Restriction for models!

LiveBonita Network is pleased to now offer geo-restriction for models. This allows you to block specified areas for your own peace of mind and privacy. You are able to select which Country, City or State (US) you’d like to block from seeing your profile. Additionally, you are able to set up to 5 blocked areas, and edit/remove them as you … Read more..

Audio Issues

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audio issues

Read any of the topics below to find improvements or solutions to the problem you’re experiencing.

No Audio – Using HD Encoder

  1. Verify the Broadcast Audio icon (microphone) in your chat window is not turned off. Click here to see an example.
  2. Ensure microphone is on and working normally in another program.
  3. Verify HD Encoder Audio Settings are correct:
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Improving Streaming Quality and Speed

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Improving Streaming Quality and Speed

The quality of your audio/video stream is determined by several factors. The Ranking Report tool grades these factors on a scale from “Poor” to “Excellent.” If any of your Streaming Quality scores on the Ranking Report are less than “Excellent,” we recommend taking the following steps in order.


Connect your computer to your router or … Read more..

Image Resize

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Image Resizer

If you have trouble getting the perfect sized picture for your profile or your galleries, here is a online useful tool you can use to resize and crop any image:

Web Resizer:

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Effective Lighting for Live Cams

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This tutorial is a cost-effective approach to the concept of “3 Point Lighting” which professional photographers and film makers follow.

Just follow these suggestions and you can make your cam shows look professional!


  • Use a common desk lamp as the main light source, with a 60 watt or higher bulb. Set this light up next to your webcam and
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