Model Referrer ID

Linking to your Referrer ID and earn plus 20% commission

You can link to your personal account on the using your personal variable in your linking code AFNO (Affiliate Referrer ID).

Thus by using your personal AFNO we can track where your traffic is coming from, how valuable each location is, etc. use the AFNO variable in your linking code.

Once the user visits your account with an AFNO setting, that value will be 100% persistent. Also every new page the user visits on the LiveBonita site will remember this AFNO setting, and if/when the user joins, it will become a permanent part of the user record.

Your AFNO: 1-your-referrer-id

Sample for your personal Page Referrer ID:


Ad Tool – Custom iframe builder for your Website

Below you will find a advertising tool to build Custom iframe for your website(s):

Ad Box HTML Generator

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