You must follow these rules while you are on camera:

No Below-the-Belt Nudity in Free Chat

When you are not in a paid show, your stream can be seen by both members and non-members on the web. Because of this, no explicit sexual content or below-the-belt nudity is allowed when you are not in a paid show. Being topless in free chat is allowed.

People on Camera

If you signed up as a single performer, you are the only person allowed on camera. No other people may be shown on camera. No one else can stream using your account. If you want to do a show with another person, you must start a new account and get both members approved. All joint shows will need to be done though the new couples account. Minors and pets are never allowed on camera.

Acts Allowed on Camera

Full nudity and explicit content is allowed in paid shows. However, any depictions of illegal or prohibited acts are not allowed. Make sure you are following the Code of Conduct, or your account could be suspended.

Selling Items/Services in Chat

Some performers offer incentives for members to give higher amounts of Gold. Performers should feel free to get creative when asking members to contribute, but you must follow all site rules. Members should never be taken off site and personal contact information should never be exchanged. If you can’t give the reward during your stream or through the Mailbox or Confidential Phone Service, you shouldn’t offer it. If your account violates these rules, you could be suspended or have your account terminated.

TV Guidelines

If you are eligible for TV Broadcast, make sure you read the TV agreement before opting in. There are additional restrictions on these shows. If your account is qualified for TV broadcasts, you can find this agreement under “My Dashboard” in the Main Menus. (See the TV Broadcast section for more information.)