Model tutorial

What is “buzz” and why is it good for adult webcam modeling?

Most adult webcam sites are structured around the idea of “free chat”. This is where customers get a chance to see you and you get a chance to tease, flirt and turn them on to the point that they’ll want to enter into a group or vip one-on-one chat with you… group chat or one-on-one chat is where you make your money. Now, “buzz” is the number of members or visitors in your free chat room who are going nuts to see certain things like… you naked, doing specific acts, getting to know you, asking for your websites and email address, typing in “CAPS” to get your attention, etc. This whole concept of buzz is actually quite simple, but it takes patience… this may sound strange, but we’re going to suggest that you learn to drive buzz in your open room, and at the same time… ignore the buzz! This means, do not be angry or upset when customers are asking to see you naked in the open room (you shouldn’t do this even if you want to, because nudity is only legal in private chat). Selling shows is a numbers game. The more customers you keep in the open room… the better.

How do you hold interest? It’s not hard, if you are actively posing, showing off and talking with sexy, erotic overtones. Remember, this is a site based on SEX and erotic themes, and bringing the subject back to SEX and erotic themes in subtle ways is critical to maintain a high customer count. Talking about sports, movies, music, cars and so on… is OK to provide some insight into your personality. But, at the same time, it can be hard to make the leap from talking about the big play that won the Super Bowl to how you can tease and seduce your chat room visitor into a private, paid chat. KEEP IT SEXY… or always bring the talk back to sex.

Good buzz is a lot of customers chatting at a fast pace, asking for everything possible. The more excited they are, the more you will sell. We want to suggest that the best way to control your room is to let the comments fly… fast and furious. Do not attempt to control the customer’s styles or whether or not they type in “CAPS” or lower case. You may have a brand new customer that has no chat experience who has purchased 10, 20 or 30 minutes of time for a 1-on-1 show. Upsetting that new customer by telling them to drop their “CAPS” could cost you a long show and a lot of minutes.

It’s a good idea to create and drive buzz in the following manner. Pose and include some occasional flashes here and there. Keep the overall subject matter about SEX, after all… that’s why the customer is here. Ignore demanding and begging comments totally, or better yet… encourage them! Having hundreds of customers all worked up, begging and demanding… proves you are doing what it takes to build buzz. Customers like to see you are popular and understanding of their state of mind. They also like to think of themselves as your savior coming to your rescue… taking you away from all the madness created by other visitors. You want to drive your customers crazy enough to forget their fears and sign up to purchase a 1-on-1 show. The more buzz you create; the more customers you affect. Always remember that you are a performer… an actress… and you should do everything possible to give an inspired performance with sexy and erotic overtones and suggestiveness. That’s what the viewer is looking for… an erotic experience. It’s up to you to fulfill the viewer’s expectations with your acting skills.

Using Attention Mixture To Your Advantage

The majority of your comments in the open room should be directed towards the room as a group, and some should be focused on individual attention. This is called Attention Mixture.

One of the best ways to control the customers is to not give any public chat room visitor too much individual attention. Comments to the group as a whole convey a very subtle message, and that message is; “If you want my individual attention, buy a 1-on-1 show to get it”. Of course, you have to chat a little to get the room going, but less chat directed at each individual person is a good thing. Acknowledging the new customer who just enters your chat room is also very good. Even if his first comment is something crass like, “Show me your tits”… you can let him know you see him with a simple, tolerating reply like “Hey, aren’t you going to say ‘Hi’ to me first (insert customer name)?” At least they know you saw them, and you’re not bringing the atmosphere down with negativity. After that, continue talking to the group.

Use HUMOR and a POSITIVE approach. Talk to the group as a whole, with less emphasis on individual chat because of the tone it sets. The role you are playing online should convey the following impression to the viewer: “I’m not here to make money. I’m just naturally horny and I do this to get off.” It is important that your customers believe this. Below are excellent comments that can be directed to the group. These are just a few examples. The things you say to the room, as a group is limitless. If you strike a nerve with the customers with one of your comments, continue with it. Let the customers join in your fantasy.

Here are some examples of dialogue you can consider using during your online performance:

  • I have dreamt about sex all night, and I am sooooo horny right now!!!
  • I am sooooo horny right now, I could cum in 2 minutes, I just need someone to fuck me!!
  • I am going crazy; all I want to do is cum!!!
  • I have not cum once today. Who wants to be my first orgasm??
  • Who wants to fuck me???
  • It turns me on sooooo much knowing all of you want to fuck.
  • My pussy is sooooo hot and tight… it feels sooo good to fuck!!!
  • I haven’t cum in 5 days. I am going crazy!!!
  • I just broke up with my boyfriend and I need a rebound man to really fuck me hard!!!
  • I am such a slut. All I do is fuck.
  • I have been such a bad girl today, all I can think about is getting naked.

Obviously, these are only examples, improvise and use your imagination! You are the star of the room and are giving a performance. Make it as exciting, playful and as sexy as you can in your own way and on your terms!

Politically Correct – Turning a “no” into a sale.

This section is all about keeping the fantasy alive and never hurting anyone’s bulging egos. It is so important and it takes creativity on your part to answer all questions with positive responses. We know it sounds impossible to always say yes, so let us give some examples of how to say “yes” to customers’ questions (even when your REAL answer is no.) Remember, the idea is to get them in 1-on-1; you can worry about the details after they are in the show.

Customer: “Do you do anal?” (Let’s assume that you don’t)
Model: “(Customer), I’m an anal virgin, will you go slow with me in a private show if I try for you?”

Customer: “Do you escort?”
Model: “No, but I have met two of my best customers so far, not for money… just for fun.” (The chance that you will meet anyone even remotely close to you geographically is exceptionally rare… and we do not allow our models to give personal information, but customers have fantasies.)

Customer: “Do you fist in 1-on-1?”
Model: “(Customer), I can try for you, so far I can only do 3 fingers… but I know I’ll turn you on no matter what.”

Customer: “Do you do 2-girl or couples shows?”
Model: (If you don’t do 2-girl or couples shows) “(Customer), I do but I have to know you really well first before I ask my girlfriend or boyfriend to come over. I’d really like it if you cum get to know me first.”

Customer “Do you have a website?”
Model: “(Customer), I’m not supposed to talk about other sites in the open room… but cum see me alone and let’s talk.”

Customer: “What’s your email address?”
Model: “(Customer), I only give my email address to my best customers, I send them special surprises.”

Customer: “Do you do double penetration in private shows?”
Model: “(Customer), I’ve never done it, can you go slow with me and cum teach me in my room?

Customer: “Do you have toys?”
Model: (If you don’t have any toys) “I’m going to buy some toys soon (customer’s name), do you want to cum in my private room and suggest what kind of toys I should get?”

Customer: “Do you do phone shows?”
Model: (Our models do not do phone) “(Customer), I prefer having you watch me, with both my hands free so that we can really have some fun!”

What are “Free-Chat Lifers” and what should I know about them?

Free-Chat Lifers are customers who fall in love with you and spend every waking moment in your free chat room, but they are very hesitant and resistant to buy a 1-on-1 show. So, how do you handle a free-chat lifer type person? Always acknowledge them, but do not give too much attention. Give just enough to keep them interested and coming back.

Time works wonders for Free-Chat Lifers. They tend to be slow to decide on signing up on the site. They have common fears about credit card security on the web, they may be on a limited budget, or they may just not “believe” this is the real thing. Don’t let this stop you from getting them to take you private.

Here are a few ways to get these customers to take you private:

  • Think “flirt and divert”. Flirt a little, then start working the chat room. This is a balancing act because if you don’t give them something, they’ll move on, yet the more attention you give them, the happier they are not buying a private show.
  • After giving them some special attention to bolster their egos, try this little trick. “(Customer), want to play a game with me?” (They will always say yes) “Okay (Customer), I’m going to put you on a “chat time-out” until you sign up and take me private.” Make sure they see you giggling or use a smiley face when using this technique. HUMOR and playfulness are critical components to this technique.
  • Tell them how sweet they are and you understand how difficult it is to sign up and buy a show. Ask them to help you out by getting others to take you private so that you can stay in the room. Guys can’t resist a beautiful damsel in distress. They’ll jump on this until they realize there is nothing in it for them.
  • Work one Free-Chat Lifer against another, jealousy works wonders.

Abusive Customers

No need to explain to you what an abusive customer is. You’ve seen or will see all kinds of them in your free chat room. The following suggestion is radical and takes some amount of pride-swallowing, but it’s very effective and you will ultimately win. Abusive customers are all looking for the same thing: ATTENTION. They happen to go for the NEGATIVE attention though. One reason they act like this is because they are good at getting what they want… MORE negative attention.

However, what you have going for you is the fact that all abusive customers are small children at heart… immature, often ill-mannered people who are easily controlled with some creative thinking. Try this once, it will work 9-times out of 10. It is understandable that your first impulse may be to kick these types out of your chat room, but try this formula… first, actually compliment their behavior. Then, ask a personal question.

For example:
Customer comes into your chat room and types in all caps shouting, “SHOW ME PUSSY BITCH!”

(You say…) “Customer, wow, you’re so demanding, I like that… where are you from?” It is virtually guaranteed this will catch them off-guard. It is the VERY last thing they expect to hear from you. The typical answer they give to this response is something like, “I’m from Chicago, why?” They are totally dumbfounded, and you have just taken control. This is much easier than doing what is often called, “Swatting a Hornet”. When you take a negative approach with them and get angry and kick them out of your open room, they come back being more of a problem and even more annoying. It is a lot more fun to control these types than escalate a fight with them. As a performer, you should always try to use your talent and ability to convert a hostile or rude viewer into a potential paying customer who is just dying to see you in a 1-on-1 show… just for him or her. At times it may not be easy, but try to… ALWAYS REMAIN POSITIVE AND HAPPY ON CAMERA. It will pay off big for you.

Know The Customers

How do you know if a customer has an account? Are most customers who purchase 1-on-1 shows talking in Free Chat… or lurking on the sidelines? How do you identify someone who will sign up and spend money? Are there countries that can’t get accounts because of high credit card fraud? What age is the average customer? How do you know whom to target? With the system not having a way for models to see who’s a paying member and who isn’t, it’s hard to know who to concentrate on, and who to ignore. We will attempt to shed some light on where the buyers are and how to bring them in to paid chat with you.

Our statistics show that only about 15% of the customers actually buy shows. This means two things… first and most obvious, 85% of customers do not buy. And secondly, it also means the majority of your buyers don’t ever talk in your Free Chat! This is exactly why it’s so important for you to respond to all your customers. You need to impress the customers who are lurking in your Free Chat and are staying quiet and not chatting. We can’t stress too much how important it is for you to realize that most buyers don’t chat in your open room or Free Chat.

Post a big sign on your monitor “I AM CHATTING TO IMPRESS THE NON CHATTERS”. This will remind you that most buyers do NOT chat in free chat. They simply “window shop” and sit back and watch how you act while they browse the rooms until they find a model who they feel is someone from whom they want to buy a Premium or Exclusive show.

Let us play the average buyeror a minute here (one that already has an account). First of all, why is he (or she) using the internet for sex and/or companionship? Well,… we gave up long ago trying to meet a girl as gorgeous as you. Maybe, we were shunned in school, or in clubs and bars. Perhaps, we have prudish wives or girlfriends, and we long for hot sex and intimate conversation. We like internet camgirls, because we don’t have to compete with the other guys for their attention. When we find a gorgeous girl we like… we take her, no hassles, no questions, no worrying about our looks.

Normal preliminaries of courtship are dispensed with and we can get right to whatever we want, whether it’s sex or conversation or both. We go from one model’s room to the next looking for our type of girl… one that we’re attracted to physically, but we also have to like her personality. So we watch her, listen to her, and read her chat and listen to her talk. We’re not going to compete in free chat for her attention, because if we decide we want her, we’re just going to buy a show. We hate trying to get her attention in free chat. We like the feeling of taking her from the other customers and having her all to ourselves. Is she bubbly and sexy and nice? Is she tolerant of all the creeps and crazy customers? Is she single? Do we have even a remote hope of ever meeting her? Does she seem like the type of girl that’s going to give us what we want right away and not milk us for our minutes? We hate being milked for our minutes… some of these webcam models think we’re stupid and that we don’t know they’re milking us. If she does that to us we’ll leave the group or vip show right away, never come back and find someone else. Hmmm, she just treated that customer very rudely who asked to see her ass. We’re going to find a model that is friendlier to horny guys like us.

And off they go… never saying a word in open room, taking their minutes and money with them. That is a shame. If you would have NOT put a mean look on your face and got upset with that guy who asked to see your ass, you might be in a show right now. It can’t be repeated too often. You are a Performer and you must at all times try to give the best performance you can. Stay focused!

OK, let’s address how to seek out customers who purchase group or VIP shows. There are a few things you can do to make this happen.

  • Talk to someone that’s not chatting and say something like this: “Hey all you Non-Chatters, don’t hide. Come talk to me. Don’t be shy.”
  • A guy’s talking to you and being kind and gentlemanly… ask him this; “You’re a sweet gentleman, have you ever enjoyed a group or vip show from the site before?” The wording here is important. You are not asking him to buy from you, you are merely asking if he’s enjoyed a group or vip show on the site before. Guys tend to answer this question honestly because it’s not a direct request for them to buy. His answer is very telling. A “no” answer means he is probably not a buyer and you can work him from that angle. A “yes” answer means he is a buyer and he is a good prospect to work on./li>
  • What country are you from? If you have time, learn which countries aren’t allowed to open accounts… there aren’t many of them and most of them tend to be in the Middle East… you might save your self some time by knowing this.
  • Age is another factor to consider. Most customers who spend money, especially on longer shows, tend to be over 30. Identify the guys over 20 and use your “Game” to work them. Your chances are much better than working on an 18- or 20-year old.

You Are An Actress!

We have seen many models complaining to their customers. They talk about how slow it is or how bored they are. Some even sit there looking tired and sad. No customer is going to spend any amount of money per-minute on a girl that is sitting there all angry and upset. You have to act, and it has to be a stellar performance. The customers cannot know you are upset or feeling down. THEY WANT HAPPY, SEXY GIRLS WHO ARE FUN!

Imagine this, a customer has a wife or girlfriend who’s grumpy and uptight. He waits for her to go to bed or work, so he can get online and enjoy some hot girls. He goes in your room and he sees you chatting about your problems! He’s gone and so is his MONEY. It’s very important for you to remember… first and foremost… that you are an ACTRESS who is online to provide an exciting and sexy performance for your audience. Do not let the customers know you are bored, unhappy or upset. If you cannot act fresh, cheerful and sexy, sign off and come back on when you can put on a happy, sexy face.

Always Have A Game Plan

What is your webcam GAME? Is your game working? Do you always have a game plan in mind when you work your chat? You will find there are basically two types of customers who will enter your room and chat with you.

There are LONELY people and there are HORNY people. If you notice any of the webcam models you see who are in a long 1-on-1 show, chances are those shows are usually talk shows, not “skin and sex” shows. The reason is, the customer is lonely and wants to talk. Lonely customer fantasies are different than the sex show customer fantasies. Lonely customers fantasize about knowing a girl like you, about dating you, and having you as a “real life” friend. Of course, it’s not going to happen, because IT IS a fantasy. And, deep down they know it. But, lonely people do not want to end the show if they still have hope of cultivating and embellishing their fantasies. It’s like a good dream you don’t want to wake up from. Sex show customers on the other hand… masturbate, and then leave. Of course, you can tease and play with them to prolong the pleasure and your income, but ultimately, you have no control if they’re fast “cummers”.

Appealing to the lonely customer is actually easier. Always remember that your ROLE is to be nice, ACT fun and convey the impression you are available. Make the customer feel special. The game of acting free and available has to be subtle and coy. If you come on too strong they know you’re pretending. Customers will refuse to believe you are available even if you are. But, they will believe that you are going through a bad breakup. Everyone can relate to that because almost everyone goes through breakups or knows someone who has. We saw a model using this breakup routine in the open room the other day. One of the customers asked why she broke up and her reply was pure genius. She said, “I dumped him because he was too cheap!” Perfect! What a great subversive way to say, “If you want me, step up and spend some money on me”.

Remember, you are providing a service of value to both LONELY and HORNY men and women. You should be compensated for the good feeling and good times you are providing to people who otherwise may have no other way to enjoy the experience you provide.

Bad Words

Bad words are words that turn customers off and drive them away. The way you word your chat room messages can make or break your effectiveness. Here are some words… bad words… that are not appealing.

Time. No need to say time. Chat monitors make everyone aware of it. No need to list them all. When you catch yourself about to type a bad word, rethink it and type something else. Be creative.

Buy. No need to use the word, buy. The trick is to not bring up the thought of spending money. Manipulate their need to feel good or get off, not open up their wallet.

Along with bad words often goes the pressure from you to make them buy. Imagine this scenario… a person goes into a strip club, and before he can look around and get a feel for the club, an anxious stripper comes up to him and grabs his hand and starts dragging him to the lap dance couches. What does he do? He says no! He wants to see the place, get comfortable and check out all the strippers first.

Answering your customers with instant demands for them to buy a group or vip show is the kiss of death to selling minutes. No one likes a pushy model; very few customers spend money on pushy models. Just because you have demanders and beggars in your chat doesn’t mean you should answer with begging and demanding. If there ever was a case of two wrongs don’t make a right, this is it! Be better than your customers in your attitude; don’t stoop to their levels or methods.

Flirt Your Way Rich!

First and foremost, you are the star of the room. Always remember that you are giving a performance for the benefit and enjoyment of those watching you. The following tips were provided by successful performers who have developed excellent techniques for making the most money for their time.

  • Your appearance and your unique, fun and sexy personality are what will keep customers coming back for more.
  • Have finger and toenails painted. Always look your best.
  • Place your camera close to the screen that you are reading, so it appears that you are looking into the camera when you are reading the chat.
  • Always have plenty of light on you for the camera.
  • Make sure your microphone is always turned on when you are online … customers LOVE hearing your sexy voice. You will sell more shows and make more money by TALKING and NOT typing.
  • Always pretend to remember returning customers. So you don’t always need to pretend try to take quick notes after a chat. Address customers by their screen nicknames as often as possible, especially when you ask them questions.
  • Laugh often and always smile.
  • If you have to do anything that is not sexy, try to do it outside the camera frame or simply log out and let customers know that are going on break.
  • Always find a way to say yes to every request, fun flirty and creative when you are teasing the customers.
  • Keep all your toys handy and ready to go at the start of every show.
  • Answer all questions and requests to do things right away, customers want to make sure models won’t waste their time or money once in private.
  • Spread your attention around. Make every customer want to take you away from the other people in the chat room.
  • You’re a star to all of the visitors. Blowing kisses and providing brief individual attention is the key to getting more private time.
  • Make sure to let customers know when you are scheduled for your next couple of shifts, and always update your online schedule.
  • Wear matching, sexy and fun outfits and high heels, whenever possible.