How do I become a webcam model?

To be considered for a webcam modeling job, you must be an attractive female or male over 18 years of age who is friendly, open minded, and is comfortable in front of the camera. We currently have webcam jobs available for models in almost every category, so no matter your look, age, or experience, we highly encourage you to apply. You can apply online by completing our webcam model application. If selected, you will be contacted and assigned an agent who will work with you to help get you started.

What website will I appear on?

Our models appear on the largest network of high traffic adult websites with over 5 million unique visitors per day. Sites in our network include LiveBonita.com, YouPorn,PornHub,  RedTubeCam4HotCamsCamHubCam ModelsSexy CamsCamCrush,CamLiveSexTubeNaughty WebcamsSpankwireTube8XVideosKeez MoviesSexBot,WantLiveFling.comEpicCamsYobtBrazzersCamgirlsItsLiveXHamsterLuxury GirlsGayTubeStreamenTsmateShemale Cams, and thousands more.

I see you have many sites in your network, will I be on all of them at the same time?

Yes. This is one of the reasons our models make the most money, as the amount of exposure they get cannot be matched by any other site or network.

How much money can I make as a webcam model?

We pay models $0.80/minute for each customer in Premium Chat, and $1.00/minute for Exclusive Chat plus a weekly bonus of up to 30%. With Premium Chat more than one paying customer can be in your room at the same time, so if there are 10 customers, you would earn $8.00 per minute. As an average, our webcam models make from $500 to $1,000 per week working 20 to 25 hours, with some models making much more. We have models who have made over $2,000 in a single day, so what you make will depend on you. The odds are, whatever you make with us is more than you would make working as a webcam model anywhere else.

Can other people appear with me during my webcam shows?

Yes. In fact, there is a lot of demand for couple and group shows, so you are likely to make more money. There is no limit to how many people can appear with you at the same time, but first each participant must apply and be hired as a solo model. Also, you must apply for a separate stage name for each group show if it does not already have one.

I currently work for another site, can I work with you and work there too?

Yes. We have no problem with models appearing on other sites, as long as they are not online on our network at the same time (simulcasting). Once you see how much more you can make with us, you will not be asking this question for too much longer :)

Do you hold back pay or deduct for chargebacks?

No. Once your paid chats are over, you have done your job, and the money you earned is yours to keep. We do not hold back funds nor deduct for chargebacks.

How often will I get paid?

Payments to models are made weekly, each Monday for the previous week worked, unless that day falls on a national U.S. holiday, in which case they are made on the following business day. Our pay period runs Saturday 6pm EST to Saturday 5:59pm EST, so each Monday models are paid for the period ending the previous Saturday (3 days ago).

What is the minimum I have to make before you pay me?

Payments are subject to a minimum threshold, which varies according to payment method ($20.00-$50.00). Earnings below this threshold will be held over to the next week, until the sum exceeds this threshold.

What payment methods are available?

We can pay you via direct deposit, PayPal, MoneyBookers, WesternUnion.

What schedule do I work?

The best part of working with us is the flexibility, as we do not require you to work a minimum amount of hours or at any specific time. You set your own schedule, and can come and go as you please. Obviously, the more hours you work, the more you will make.

Where can I work from?

You can work from any location you choose, as all you need is a high speed Internet connection, a computer, and a webcam.

I have never done webcam modeling before, will you help me get started?

Absolutely. You will be assigned an agent who will guide you through the initial setup process, and be available for you every step of the way if you need help with anything. Your agent will also show you how to get the best placement on our network to increase your exposure. You do not need prior experience as a webcam model to work with us, and in many cases having no prior experience is actually a plus.

Will I be asked to pose nude?

It is up to the client, but generally webcam models are asked to pose nude, and it is considered to be a part of the job. Models are encouraged to tell their clients up front what they will or won’t do, so there is no misunderstanding.

What are the rules that I need to follow in order to work as a webcam model?

Yes. The basic rules for webcam models working on our network are as follows:
1) Do not be rude to clients or other models.
2) Do not make derogatory remarks to clients about other models.
3) Do not do anything which is illegal in your area.
4) Do not give out your personal contact or payment information to clients.
5) Do not allow anyone else to appear in your shows without prior approval from us.
Breaking any of the above rules will cause a suspension or permanent termination.

Will you report my income to the IRS?

Yes. For U.S. based models, we are required by law to send a 1099 annual earnings report to both you and the IRS. The company name on the 1099 form will be V Entertainment.

Do you accept models from outside the U.S.?

Yes. We accept models from most countries, but you must speak English and have a valid government issued photo ID proving your age. We DO NOT accept models from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Is my identity and personal information kept private?

Your personal information will never be used for anything other than your initial approval, setup, and earnings payments, and we never release it to anyone unless absolutely required to do so by law.

Can clients find out where I am located?

Absolutely not. All personal information about you remains private, and your IP address is not accessible or identifiable by clients or website visitors.

Can I block people in certain locations from seeing my shows?

While we used to provide this option, it is no longer practical because more people are using cellular and satellite connections, which makes it difficult if not impossible to accurately identify their location. If you are too embarrassed to be recognized by someone you know, being a webcam model is probably not for you.

Can I hide my face while on camera?

No. This is not allowed because customers would not pay to talk to someone afraid to show their face, especially when other models are not hiding. If you are too embarrassed to be recognized by someone you know, webcam modeling is probably not for you.

Will this show up as a webcam model job or webcam job in background checks?

No. Any records that might come up in a background check will show that you were a contractor for V Entertainment, and nothing will be mentioned about webcam modeling.

What company name will show up on my checks or deposits?

Your checks and deposits will be from V Entertainment.

What happens if I want to quit or stop working for a while?

You can take a leave of absence or terminate your employment permanently at any time. If you do not come online for over 8 weeks without notice, you will be terminated automatically. All money that you earned while working will be paid to you as agreed.

Do I have to look like a supermodel or have a certain look to do this?

No. Although you do have to be attractive, your personality will play a bigger part in your success in the long run than your appearance, as most customers want someone who doesn’t just look good, but is also entertaining and is fun to talk to.

What system configuration and software do I need?

You need a PC or notebook computer with a webcam and microphone. To broadcast in HD video, we recommend a Logitech 9000 series webcam and a high speed Internet connection with upload speed over 450kbps (click here to test your connection speed).

Do you have other positions besides webcam modeling?

Yes, in addition to offering webcam model jobs, we also work with video production companies and photography studios. If you are interested in making videos which would earn you a lifetime of royalty payments, please be sure to indicate so on your application.

Will I have to pay you anything to get this job? If not, how do you make money?

Absolutely not. We never charge our models any fees, either up front or ongoing. We receive a share of the overall revenue from our model network, so models are not charged directly for our services.

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