Your Privacy

Your privacy

Resources for Your Privacy and Safety

LiveBonita wants to continue to be a safe environment for performers. We allow performers to manage their own privacy, so make sure you understand and know how to correctly use the tools we provide.

Geographic Location Restriction

By default, any computer can view your profile and see your show. LiveBnita has provided the ability to set Geographic Restrictions which block access to you from certain locations. You can choose to limit by cities, states, regions, or countries. This also prevents non-members from viewing your profile or show.

Geographic Restrictions will affect your traffic because less people will be able to find you. Read through the Geographic Restrictions section for more information.

Your Public Profile

Any attempt to misrepresent yourself could cause your account to be suspended or terminated. However, it’s up to you how much you want to reveal to LiveBonita members. You are able to change some of the information members see on your public profile, such as age and location.

Kicking and Blocking Viewers

You are in charge of your chat room at all times. If any guest makes you feel uncomfortable, you may kick them out of your chat temporarily, or block them from contacting you permanently.

Read more about Chat Room Management.

Reporting Rules Violators

If you notice someone breaking the rules, please help us by reporting them.

However, please note that abusing the reporting system can cause your account to be suspended or terminated. Read Reporting for full information on when and how to report.