Announcing Geographic Restriction for models!

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Announcing Geographic Restriction for models!

LiveBonita Network is pleased to now offer geo-restriction for models. This allows you to block specified areas for your own peace of mind and privacy. You are able to select which Country, City or State (US) you’d like to block from seeing your profile. Additionally, you are able to set up to 5 blocked areas, and edit/remove them as you see fit.

Please use this feature carefully as it will impact the volume of users that see you. Restricting any location will remove you from the sort and searches for all non-logged in members. Additionally, any advertising or additional exposure of your profile will also be disabled.

If you notice a change in the volume of users in your chat, consider editing your geographic restrictions as they may be too broad and thus limiting your exposure to members. You can select your geographic blocking options by clicking “My geographic restrictions” on your main profile page.