Confidential Phone Service (CPS)

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We offer a Confidential Phone Service that allows members to call you during paid sessions while keeping your phone number private. To set this up, go to the “My Phone Numbers” area of the Profile Section on your dashboard and add the phone numbers(s) you want to use.

Accepting Calls

To make sure you only get calls when you want them, phone chat is always off when you begin streaming. To enable, click the Phone icon under your video on the streaming page. Select the phone number you want to use and the type of paid session you’ll accept calls in. Members will see that phone chat is enabled.

When a member wants to call you, they’ll enter their phone number into the site. The service will then call both of you. Neither phone number will be displayed.

Phone Charges

LiveBonita Network does not charge performers or members for this service. However, the service uses phone minutes just like a normal phone call. You are responsible for any charges that result from using this feature. Check your phone plan before signing up for Confidential Phone Service.

Call Problems

If you are having problems using the CPS, contact support. If you continue having problems after talking to support, you may need to contact your phone provider for more information.