External Site Show (ESS)

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If you have a personal website, it’s possible to have your show and chat room appear on your site. If you’re interested, contact us and we’ll give you the code to embed into your site. We’ll also add an “External Show” option above your stream (next to the Quality settings).

To turn ESS on, start your show normally, then switch the “ESS” option to “On.” Your live stream and chat room will show up on your site where the code is. If you switch the “ESS” option to on, your stream will instantly go private. This stream will be visible on your site to your members. LiveBonita and other network members will only be able to see you if they join your paid show.

You can turn ESS off at any time. If the “ESS” option is switched off, your website viewers will be able to see you when you are in free chat, but will not see paid sessions (they will see a notice that you are unavailable).

If you are interested in using this service, contact us for more info.