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It’s easy to communicate with your favorite members right from your account.

Mailbox Location

You can get to your mailbox by going to the My Dashboard menu and clicking on “My Mailbox,” or clicking on the Messages link at the top of your Dashboard.

Messaging Members

To protect members’ privacy, you can only send a member a message after they have messaged you first. Members can send you messages from your profile page, even if you are offline. Once a member writes to you, you can add them to your contacts list and write to them any time you are online.

When to Use the Mailbox

Feel free to tell your favorite members when you have special shows coming up, or remind them to spend some time with you! Be careful not to spam your contacts with too many messages.

Never use LiveBonita Network to promote anything off the site, such as your own website. Using the messaging service this way could result in your account being suspended.

Remember that it’s against the rules to contact LiveBonita Network members anywhere but through your account. Never give out your personal email or other contact info.

Unwanted Messages

If you are receiving unwanted messages, you can block members from contacting you in the future. Click “Block User” at the top of the message of the member you want to block. If you receive spam messages, please report the message to support.