Reports and Account Monitoring

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LiveBonita offers a few different ways to monitor your time online, your earnings, and your customers. Some of these reports are only available to performers who are paid directly by LiveBonita. Additional reports may be available for accounts that process a large amount of payment data. Contact the group you are paid through or LiveBonita Models Support for more information about any of these reports.

Recent Earnings

While you’re streaming, click the “Recent Earnings” link at the top of the page. A pop up with your earnings for the session will appear. This updates in real time and helps you keep track of what you’ve made so far. Please note that Gold Show earnings will not appear until the show has been successfully completed.

Monitor Earnings

Under the My Reports menu, click on “My Earnings” to see the total amount you have earned in previous days or weeks. This report can help you see trends in your earnings over time.

To use, select either a day or a week to look at, then hit “refresh.” If there were any earnings in that period, the bottom section will update with the number of paid sessions, the total number of minutes members spent in paid chat with you, and the total earned for the day. You can click on “Details” to see more information on each session.

(Note: On this report, “Customer Chat Time” counts for each member. If you spend 10 minutes in paid chat with three members at the same time, that will show up as 30 minutes of customer chat time.)

Monitor Time Online

Under the My Reports menu, click on “Daily Time Online” to see a detailed breakdown of the amount of time spent online, and how much of that time you were in paid sessions.

To use this report, click on the week you want to look at. You’ll see your total time online and total minutes in paid chat. You’ll see a chart of each day and your percentage of time online that was spent in paid chat.

(Note: This report lists your minutes spent in paid chat. If you spend 10 minutes in paid chat with three members at the same time, that will show up as 10 minutes spent in paid chat.)

Monitor Ranking

Under the My Reports menu, click on “My Ranking.” You’ll see how you’re doing in a variety of areas that affect your placement on LiveBonita. If any of the items have a low ranking, follow the links for steps you can take to improve your scores and raise your ranking.

Monitor Rates

Under the My Reports menu, click on the “Rate Helper Analysis Tool” to see detailed charts of how your chosen rates affects your overall earnings per hour against your overall time online.

Monitor Ratings, Favorites, and Blocked Members

You can quickly check your average rating, how many members have added you to their favorites, and the number of members you have blocked on the Profile Section of your Dashboard. You can see more stats on your average rating under the My Users menu by clicking on My Ratings.