Audio Issues

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audio issues

Read any of the topics below to find improvements or solutions to the problem you’re experiencing.

No Audio – Using HD Encoder

  1. Verify the Broadcast Audio icon (microphone) in your chat window is not turned off. Click here to see an example.
  2. Ensure microphone is on and working normally in another program.
  3. Verify HD Encoder Audio Settings are correct:
    – Audio box is checked.
    – Device box contains the right microphone.
    – Sample Rate is set to 44100.
  4. Close all applications, turn off your machine, disconnect and reconnect external camera cable to ensure tight connection, and restart your machine.

No Audio – Not Using HD Encoder

Verify your computer is using the correct microphone:

  1. Right-click your mouse when on the streaming page.
  2. Go to the audio settings.
  3. Assign the correct microphone. Click here to see an example.