Setting Up the Encoder with the Correct Settings

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Once you have downloaded and installed the encoder, you’ll need to configure it with the correct settings. You should use one of the Preferred Settings files provided below. These have been created to work with and provide the best video experience. If you would like to set up the encoder yourself, you can try the Manual Configuration process instead.

Follow these steps to configure the encoder.

1. Download the XML file you will use

Always use the highest quality settings that will work with your equipment. If your stream looks choppy or uses too much processing power, you may need to use a lower quality file. If you upgrade your equipment try the highest quality settings again.

Recommended Quality

These settings work best with widescreen cameras and will give you the highest quality video. Try this file first, and always use these settings if you can.

Windows Download

Mac Download

Medium Quality

These settings will work with most modern equipment. If you can’t run the Recommended file, try using this file.

Windows Download

Mac Download

Lower Quality

These settings should work with older equipment or slower internet. This is the lowest quality video that our system will still consider HD.

Windows Download

Mac Download


2. Open the Flash Media Live Encoder application


3. Click “File” > “Open Profile” on the top left of the program


4. Find the XML file you saved to your computer


5. Click the file and click “Open.” If you see a “Profile Validation” message, hit OK


6. Make sure the Preset field is set to “Custom”


7. Click “File” > “Save Profile”


8. Select the existing “Startup” file and click “Save.” Confirm you want to replace the file.

After setting up the encoder, you can skip the Manual Configuration section below. Skip to Start Streaming in HD to get started streaming with the Encoder. If your stream looks choppy or uses too much processing power, come back here and use a lower quality file. Follow the same directions.

If none of these files work for you, or if you would like to set up the Encoder manually, read the Manual Configuration section for instruction.

Manual Configuration