Chat Room Management

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Managing your chat room can be easy if you use the tools available. You should also make sure you’re familiar with the Chat Window Layout.

Three Chat Panels

There are three different chat boxes where members appear based on their status.

  • Paid Chat – If a member takes you into a paid session or is in your Gold Show, they will move to the Paid box. As soon as paid chat starts, everyone in Guest and Free chat will be blocked from seeing you, so if you have paying members they should be your first priority!
  • Guest Chat – Logged-in Premium members (credit card on file) will appear here. These are your potential customers.
  • Free Chat – Member with Non-Premium (no credit cards attached yet) will appear here. This group might not pay for a show today, but everyone here is a potential future customer!

Member Levels and Notes

Next to some members you may see a number or a note icon.

If a member has spent money on you in the past, they will have a number between 1 and 5. This is the member level. The higher the number, the more money they’ve spent with you. This helps you keep an eye out for regulars.

If you’ve taken notes on a member, a note icon will appear next to their name. To take notes on members, see the next section.

Sending Private Messages

If you click on a user’s name in the guest list, any messages you type will be sent to them only. A “PVT” icon will show up next to the message to show that they are the only one who saw it.

Viewing Members’ Info and Taking Notes

To view more info about a member, select their username in the Member List. Click the profile icon. From here, you can see basic info about members. You can also take notes. Write down conversations you’ve had, what they’re into, or whether they’re big spenders!

Kicking and Blocking Members from Your Room

If a member is bothering you, tell them to stop. If they don’t, you can kick them from chat temporarily, or permanently ban them from contacting you in the future. Remember, you’re in charge! There’s no reason to put up with bad customers.

To kick a member temporarily, select their name in the member list. Click the kick (foot) icon. The member will be forced out of your room, but will be able to come back later.

To block a member, select their name in the guest list. Click the block icon. You can choose whether to block the member from chat, messaging you, or both. The block will stay in place until you remove it from the “Ratings and Users” section in the Profile Section of your Dashboard.

If you are unable to block a member, or blocking does not solve the problem, contact support.

Unblocking Members

If you accidentally blocked a member, or decide you want to give any of your blocked users a second chance, it’s easy to reverse the block.

On your dashboard, go to the My Users menu and click on “My Black List.” Find the users you want to unblock. Make sure both “Block from Chat” and “Block Messages” are unchecked, then hit “Save Changes.” The user will disappear from your block list and can contact you again.