Paid Shows

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Paid shows are the main way you’ll earn on LiveBonita Network. Make sure you’re familiar with the different types of shows and the different options for each.

Three Types of Paid Shows

There are three ways that members can enter a paid session with you.

  1. Pay-per-Minute Shows – This is the most common type of show on LiveBonita. Members will pay for every minute they spend in chat with you based on the prices you set (see Price per Minute for information on setting these prices). These shows can be either Premium or Exclusive (see below).
  2. Block Sessions – Block sessions are blocks of time that members buy upfront for discounted rates. It’s optional to offer block sessions. Read the Block Sessions section for more information. Block sessions can be either Premium or Exclusive (see below).
  3. Gold Shows – Gold Shows are group shows where members pay up front to join in. Read the Gold Shows section for more information. Your account has to qualify for Gold Shows before you can offer them. To find out how to qualify, read Qualify for More Options.

Premium vs. Exclusive

When members want to start a pay-per-minute show or a block session, they can choose to pay either the premium price or the exclusive price.

  • Premium Show – Other members can join premium shows. All members who join will be charged your premium rate per minute. The show will continue until all members have left.
  • Exclusive Show –No other members can join exclusive shows. The member pays your exclusive rate per minute.

Your exclusive rate will usually be set higher than your premium rate. Exclusive sessions allow members to have your full attention and always be directing the show. If a member asks for a very specific request that either requires your full attention or other viewers won’t be interested in, you can ask the member to purchase an exclusive show instead.

If you prefer not to do exclusive session, you can turn them off and only offer premium sessions.

Getting the Show Request

When a member wants to start a show, you’ll see a notification of the show type and whether it is premium or exclusive. If you don’t reject the show, it will start and you’ll go into paid chat with the member.

Paying members will always appear in the top “Paid” chat box. If a member is not displayed in this box, they aren’t paying you and can’t see the show.


You can also be paid Gold, either during a paid show (you’ll be paid on top of your usual rates), or in free chat. Remember that receiving Gold is not the same as being in Paid Chat. If you receive Gold during free chat, you still have to follow all of the free chat rules. Read the Gold section for more information.