Ratings (stars)

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The stars you see in the Profile Section of your Dashboard and on your public profile show your average rating (one to five stars).

Default Ratings

When you first sign up, your rating will be four out of five stars. After completing a paid session, members can rate your show. Once five different members have rated you, your account will show the average of these ratings.

How Ratings Are Calculated

Your rating is an average of all ratings given in the last 90 days – if you’ve received less than five reviews from different members in the last 90 days, your rating will go back to the default of four stars. If a single customer rates you more than once, only their most recent rating is counted.

When You Are Rated

Customers are given a chance to rate and comment on your performance after every pay-per-minute show or block session. Gold Shows are not rated.

Individual Rating Details

If you want to see detailed information about your ratings, find the My Users menu on your profile and click on “My Ratings.” You’ll be able to see the number of ratings you’ve been given each day. If you’re getting a lot of three star or lower ratings, your placement may be affected. Visit the Tips and Tricks section for ideas on increasing the quality of your show.