Reporting Members and Performers

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To ensure a safe and secure environment for both members and performers, everyone must follow the rules. If you see a violation, we encourage you to report it.

Reporting LiveBonita Members

You can report members who break any rules from the member’s profile page (see the Chat Room Management section). If member tries to break site rules, contact you outside of LiveBonita, or is repeatedly bothering you after asking them to stop, please report them so we can look into the matter.

After reporting a member, you can block them from viewing your shows or contacting you. Read more about blocking members in the Chat Room Management section.

Reporting LiveBonita Performers

If you see another performer breaking the rules in their show, you can report them. It’s helpful if you can take a screenshot of the violation. Email support with as many details as you can and we’ll look into it.

If a performer is coming into your room and harassing you, you can report them as well. Harassing other performers is a rules violation.

Please note that it may take a while to gather information and investigate. If we confirm the violation, our response may range from account termination to a warning – we often try to give performers a chance to correct their behavior before taking them off the site. This means you may see a performer you reported continue to stream. Please do not ask us why the member is still online – we can’t provide you any details of the investigation. However, if you witness a new violation from that performer, feel free to file a separate report.

Harassing LiveBonita Performers

Do not harass, insult, or bully other performers on the site for any reason. Harassing other performers is a rules violation, and you can be reported for doing it.

If a performer breaks a rule, report them rather than trying to confront them directly. This opens you up to being reported for harassing the performer. Be careful even if you are just trying to help them out.

Reporting performers who are not breaking any rules can also counts as harassment and abusing your account. If you do so repeatedly, your account will flagged for investigation and could be suspended or terminated as a result.