Switching to Widescreen

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Switching to Widescreen

Live Bonita is switching to widescreen (16:9) as our preferred video size. In the near future, models streaming in widescreen and HD will have priority in the sorting order. Make sure to update before that happens! You don’t need a new camera – just follow these instructions.

If you use the external encoder, update your configuration files. Go to the HD configuration page and follow the instructions! We have two new configuration files. Choose one for your needs, or you can set the encoder up yourself using the “Manual Configuration” instructions.

If you don’t use the encoder, our internal encoder settings will update automatically in the next few weeks to change your video to widescreen.

These changes will let everyone stream in widescreen, but your stream will look best if you have a camera optimized for widescreen (16:9). If you’re thinking of upgrading, we recommend the Logitech C920 or the Logitech BCC950. Both these cameras film in widescreen and are compatible with our HD Encoder!