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Video Issues

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video issues

Read any of the topics below to find improvements or solutions to the problem you’re experiencing.

Video Feed in the External Encoder Preview Window is Blank

“Video” Section of External Encoder is Unchecked,

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Start Streaming in HD Using the Encoder

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After setting up the Encoder, follow these instructions to view your stream on and other Sites in our Network. If you have any problems with your settings, check out the Tips for Using the Encoder.

If you encounter any problem while trying to stream, contact our support team.

Configure Your Chat Client

With the Flash Media Encoder open, … Read more..

Download the Encoder

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Download the FREE Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder™*

Windows Download

Mac Download

Click the correct link and save the file to a location on your computer.Once the download completes, navigate to the file and open it. Follow the instructions to install the program onto your computer.

Once installed, launch the Flash Media Live Encoder program.

Setting Up the Encoder with

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Check Your Settings to See If You Can Stream in HD

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Before you can broadcast in HD with high quality audio and video, check that your equipment meets the following requirements.

Requirement 1: Processor Speed

You will need a Mac or PC with an i5, i7 or equivalent (AMD, etc.) processor. To check your processor speed.

For Windows users


  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Right click “My Computer” or “Computer.”
  3. Click “Properties.”
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Manual Configuration

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Only follow these instructions if you encountered errors using the Preferred Settings or choose not to use them. If you have downloaded one of the three Preferred Setting files, skip this section and go to Start Streaming in HD using the Encoder to test out your settings.

Below are our recommended settings. Some of these options may not be available … Read more..

Interested in Streaming in HD?

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High-definition video gives your stream a high quality, professional look and allows you to look your best. It is very popular with members, and can help improve your placement on the site.

Existing Encoder Users

If you already use the Encoder, go to the Preferred Settings section to download the newest settings file. The settings files were last updated in … Read more..

Tips for Using the HD Encoder

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It’s a good idea to go through these tips after setting up the encoder, even if your video looks fine. If your video looks slow, choppy, or stretched out, these tips can help fix those issues. Contact the performer support team if these suggestions don’t help.

Check Your System Processes

Make sure to check your CPU usage after your begin … Read more..

Improving Your Video Stream

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Good video quality catches members’ attention and draws in more viewers. There’s a lot you can do to make your stream look great, from finding a better angle to upgrading your equipment.


Spend some time making your streaming location look nice. Feel free to show some personality with décor in different styles and colors. Make … Read more..

Streaming Quality

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streaming quality

Having high quality video is great for you in many ways. Members love high quality video and are sure to notice! In addition, your Placement on the site will automatically increase if you are streaming with HD quality video or in Widescreen.

The default way to stream is using the Internal Encoder. However, we recommend using the External Encoder for … Read more..

Switching to Widescreen

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Switching to Widescreen

Live Bonita is switching to widescreen (16:9) as our preferred video size. In the near future, models streaming in widescreen and HD will have priority in the sorting order. Make sure to update before that happens! You don’t need a new camera – just follow these instructions.

If you use the external encoder, update your configuration files. Go to the … Read more..