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Placement on LiveBonita depends on several factors. You can see how you are doing on many of these factors by using the “My Ranking” report under the My Reports menu. The report explains most of these elements and offers helpful tips for improving your score.

Below is a quick overview of some of the most important site placement factors.


Your video quality is the most important placement factor. This includes several elements, such as your Bitrate, Frames per Second, Round Rip Time, and whether you are streaming in HD or in Widescreen.

Performers who run the External Encoder using a good quality Widescreen camera usually score better than those who don’t. Read Streaming Quality for more information on video options, or read Improving Your Video Stream for recommendations on improving your quality.


Higher ratings mean higher placement. Encourage members to give you good ratings and try to put on great five star shows.Read the Ratings section for more information on how your Ratings are calculated and tips for improving your average stars.


Performers who stream regularly will see better placement than performers who only get online every once in a while. Performers who stream regularly are also seen by more people, pick up more favorites and regulars, get rated more often, and have more people in their room, all of which has an effect on placement! Read Increasing Your Audience for more ideas on attracting members and putting on a better show.


Members prefer shows with sound, so using audio will also help your placement. You don’t have to be loud – just having your mic on will give you this advantage.

Keep in mind that none of these factors will make or break your placement by themselves. If you can’t do everything, try to find a balance. For example, if you prefer to do silent shows, switch to Widescreen or upgrade your video quality to make up the difference. You don’t need everything here to make it to the front page, but the more of these points you can hit, the better!