Increasing Your Audience

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Your audience will naturally grow over time as more members find you. Try some of these tips to help your show grow even faster.

Attracting Members to your Show

When members browse the site, you want your profile to stand out from the rest. Start by picking a great profile photo since it’s usually the first thing members see.

While you’re live your biopic will update with live captures from your stream, so it’s worth making your streaming area look nice with good lighting. Read Improving Your Video Stream for some tips on making your stream look fantastic. What you wear or items you have on camera can help draw members in too! Read Developing Your Personal Style for some ideas.

Members love high quality video streams, and will look for the HD icon on your show. If you are not already streaming in HD, read Streaming Quality to learn more.

Turning Visitors into Regulars

As long as you’re confident and putting on a good show, you’ll gain regulars. Don’t try to please members who don’t like your show – they’re not your target audience! There are a few tips for keeping track of your visitors and hopefully help you retain them as regulars.

Members enjoy when a session feels personal, so get to know your viewers and remember them. You can check out a members profile page and take notes on their interests (see the Chat Room Management section to find out how). Keep in mind that members can change their display name. If you aren’t sure if you’ve chatted with them before, just check their profile. Any notes you’ve taken will still be there.

It pays to be friendly to members and guests in free chat. This is your chance to stand out and leave a great first impression! Let them know you are happy they are there. On the other hand, make sure you get rid of bad customers by kicking or blocking them – especially if they are driving away other customers!

Advertising Your Show Off-Site

There are a few ways you can attract new members to LiveBonita, some of which will help you earn more!

You can earn more by bringing in new members through your LiveBonita link. Read the LiveBonita section for more information. Remember to post your Cammodels link anywhere on the internet (EXCEPT on your profile and chat room), such as on social media, blogs, or forums.

If you have a personal website, consider adding a widget from LiveBonita that shows when you’re streaming. Read the Live Chat Widget section to set it up. You may also be able to stream your full show to your personal website (read External Site Show (ESS) for more information).

Remember, you should not send LiveBonita members to your personal website in your show. However we do offer a way to let your Streamate regulars become members of your personal site. Read Partner Site Integration for more information.

Remember that you CANNOT send LiveBonita Network member to your Cammodels site, your personal website, or any other place on the web while streaming.

Improve Your Ranking

Your placement on LiveBonita can affect how many members see your profile and join your shows. Read the Placement section for more information on how placement is calculated. You can check how well you are doing on several placement factors by clicking on the “My Ranking” report under the My Reports menu. Follow the tips on the tool to improve any areas where you have a low score.