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Every day, LiveBonita chooses a few top performers to appear on pay-per-view TV! Appearing on TV can be a huge benefit to performers since it offers them fantastic placement on the site for great exposure. TV broadcasts are very similar to Gold Shows.

TV Broadcasts

In order to do TV Broadcast shows, your account must meet the requirements (see Qualify for More Options).

Once you qualify, you have to opt-in and agree to the TV broadcast rules. To do this, go to the My Dashboard menu and click on “Television.” Read through the agreement and mark that you are interested in TV Broadcasts. That’s it!

After you have opted-in, you may be sent a TV offer by a producer. These offers will only come up if you are streaming in Party Chat. This offer includes a guaranteed goal for the show. If you accept the offer, the pre-show will start. Make sure your show meets all TV guidelines before it starts, or you may be pulled off the air and not receive payment.

Placement and Attracting New Customers

TV broadcasts get the best placement on our site – the top row of the front page! TV shows are a great chance to attract attention on the site and get new members to check you out. Make sure your TV broadcasts are some of your best shows, and you might pick up lots of new regulars!

We encourage you to start winding down your TV performances about one minute before the show is over. This will let you address TV viewers before going off the air. TV viewers have an address to the site, so encourage them to visit and let them know how to search for you. This is also a good time to mention upcoming shows or events for everyone watching.

Payment and Guaranteed Goals

After the show is over, you are paid your regular rate from the Gold raised. If you didn’t meet the guaranteed goal the producer gave you, you will still be paid as if you hit that goal. This means you will always get your full percentage of the offered goal! We offer this benefit to make sure you earned something for your time spent on TV, even if you have a slow show for any reason. Because of the placement boost, many shows will pass the goal easily and earn you a lot of Gold, and a lot of attention!

Geographic Restrictions

Please note that TV Broadcasts are available to anyone with the pay-per-view service. The stream is not restricted by location, even if you have Geographic Restrictions on your account. Keep this in mind before signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for TV broadcasts?

In addition to following all the normal site rules, TV broadcasts have special rules that must be followed. In order to do TV broadcasts, you must read through the agreement.

If you are eligible for TV broadcasts, you can review this agreement at any time by going to the My Dashboard menu and clicking on “Television.”

How are TV Performers Picked?

Our team of producers hand-pick every performer who appears on TV. They try to choose energetic performers who engage the viewers and consistently put on great shows. Below are some of the things producers look for:

  • Good Pre-Shows – Producers look for performers with engaging pre-shows. Talking to the audience, being memorable, and consistently pulling in viewers will help make you a great TV candidate.
  • Accepting TV Offers – Performers who consistently accept TV offers are more likely to be asked to perform again later. We understand that you won’t be able to accept every TV offer, but rejecting too many offers may cause producers to ask less. If you decline, let the producer know why (such as you need a break or have to go offline soon). Tell them you’re still interested in future shows!
  • Following the Rules! – Make sure you understand the TV rules, as well as the general rules of the site. Breaking any of these rules will get your show pulled off the air and you might not be sent any more TV offers.

How are TV Goal Amounts Set?

Producers carefully pick goals depending on many factors such as the time of day, user activity level, and your previous TV earnings. Goals are set to help build excitement, which in some cases means a lower goal to help generate more activity. If you are consistently exceeding the goals TV producers set, great job! We are glad you are enjoying the benefits TV show have to offer. You are likely getting more TV offers than ever before. However, if you are not regularly exceeding the goals TV producers set, you may find that the offers are being adjusted to allow you to more easily pass the goal. If you are consistently not meeting the goals set by producers, or if you reject a large number in show offers, you may see a drop in how often you are offered shows.

The offered goal is in no way a reflection of your personality or show content. Our goal is to see you succeed by passing the goal amount and giving you the most exposure possible. TV shows give you the opportunity to grow your customer base with great placement and more traffic. Broadcasts shows are always sorted to the #1 spot on the front page, earning you lots of attention and new potential customers. TV broadcasts are good for business in a lot of ways, so it’s a good idea to accept as many offers as you can, no matter what the goal is.