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Gold is another way performers can earn more from members. Members can send you Gold during free chat or during paid shows. You’ll see an announcement in chat when you receive Gold.

Price of Gold

Gold is worth different amounts depending on where the member is from. For example, 1 Gold from a US member is worth $1, but 1 Gold from a UK member is worth £1. You will be paid based on your earning % and the current exchange rate. Keep this in mind when checking your Earning Reports.

Please Note: When you are given gold, you’ll see the currency symbol but not the currency’s country. Some currency symbols are used in multiple countries. For example, if you see that you have been given $1, it may be an Australian, Canadian, or other type of $ that is worth more or less than $1 USD. Please keep this in mind when viewing your Earning Reports (which will show the converted USD amount).

Receiving Gold

Gold can be given in free chat or in paid shows in addition to your per-minute rate. Sometimes members give Gold simply because they love your show and want to show appreciation. If members make a special request (such as posing in free chat or extra attention in a paid show), they may offer Gold, or you can ask for Gold before doing what they ask. As always, you control your chat room and can decline any request, even if the member paid before asking.

Follow Free Chat Rules

Remember, Gold is not the same as being in paid chat! If a member requests below the belt nudity or sexually explicit acts in free chat, you CANNOT fulfill the request in free chat, even if they have already paid Gold. You MUST be in a paid show to fulfill these requests. Refer to the LiveBonita Guidelines to see what is not allowed in free chat.

Asking for Gold During a Show

If a member takes you into a paid show, you should do your best to put on the type of show you said you would. If a member has a minor request, fulfilling it is a great way to satisfy customers and gain regulars. However, if a request is far outside the show you planned on or requires you to pay more attention to them than to other customers, you can ask for Gold and decline if they don’t want to pay extra.

If you refuse to perform at all unless a customer pays Gold while in a paid show, a customer is likely to leave and rate you poorly. They may also report you for fraud. If an investigation finds you are promising services and then refusing to follow through, your account may be suspended or closed, and funds may be withheld.