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20 Tips to Improve your Profile!

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20 tips to improve your profile

In this article will find 20 tips to improve your profile:

  1. Improving Your Public Profile – Your public profile is where members can go to read information about you and your show…
  2. Qualify for More Options – Gold Shows and TV Broadcast are reserved for established performers with high quality shows…
  3. Cam2Cam – If a member has a webcam, they
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Gold is another way performers can earn more from members. Members can send you Gold during free chat or during paid shows. You’ll see an announcement in chat when you receive Gold.

Price of Gold

Gold is worth different amounts depending on where the member is from. For example, 1 Gold from a US member is worth $1, but 1 … Read more..

Gold Shows

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Gold Shows are a great way to put on a show for a big group. Many members pitch in to try to reach the goal so the show can start. Each member must contribute a minimum amount of Gold to see the show.

Qualifying for Gold Shows

In order to offer Gold Shows, your account must meet the requirements (… Read more..