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Qualify for More Options

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Gold Shows and TV Broadcast are reserved for established performers with high quality shows. Your account will automatically get these features when you meet the requirements.

To qualify for Gold Shows and TV Broadcasts, you must meet the following requirements:

Stream in HD. See Streaming Quality for more information.
Stream with your audio enabled.
Average rating of 4.5 stars or … Read more..

Ratings (stars)

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The stars you see in the Profile Section of your Dashboard and on your public profile show your average rating (one to five stars).

Default Ratings

When you first sign up, your rating will be four out of five stars. After completing a paid session, members can rate your show. Once five different members have rated you, your account will … Read more..

Reporting Members and Performers

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To ensure a safe and secure environment for both members and performers, everyone must follow the rules. If you see a violation, we encourage you to report it.

Reporting LiveBonita Members

You can report members who break any rules from the member’s profile page (see the Chat Room Management section). If member tries to break site rules, contact … Read more..

Reports and Account Monitoring

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LiveBonita offers a few different ways to monitor your time online, your earnings, and your customers. Some of these reports are only available to performers who are paid directly by LiveBonita. Additional reports may be available for accounts that process a large amount of payment data. Contact the group you are paid through or LiveBonita Models Support for more information … Read more..

Streaming Quality

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streaming quality

Having high quality video is great for you in many ways. Members love high quality video and are sure to notice! In addition, your Placement on the site will automatically increase if you are streaming with HD quality video or in Widescreen.

The default way to stream is using the Internal Encoder. However, we recommend using the External Encoder for … Read more..

TV Broadcast

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tv broadcast

Every day, LiveBonita chooses a few top performers to appear on pay-per-view TV! Appearing on TV can be a huge benefit to performers since it offers them fantastic placement on the site for great exposure. TV broadcasts are very similar to Gold Shows.

TV Broadcasts

In order to do TV Broadcast shows, your account must meet the requirements (… Read more..

Check out the Rate Analysis Tool!

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audio issues

Ever wondered what rate works best for you? The Rate Analysis tool analyzes your recent streaming and earnings history in Premium and Exclusive Chat to help you decide what rates are currently most effective for you. You can easily change your rates from the tool and see the impact to your bottom line!

How to access it: Go to My … Read more..

What are these tags about?

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Tagging is a new feature for members and is gradually being rolled out. This allows members to “tag” you with specific keywords that are relevant to your show. Tags are reviewed before being released and you will have the ability to “block” them if you feel they are inaccurate. Over time, this will greatly improve the accuracy of the categories … Read more..

Switching to Widescreen

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Switching to Widescreen

Live Bonita is switching to widescreen (16:9) as our preferred video size. In the near future, models streaming in widescreen and HD will have priority in the sorting order. Make sure to update before that happens! You don’t need a new camera – just follow these instructions.

If you use the external encoder, update your configuration files. Go to the … Read more..